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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 29, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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evacuation's have been just lifted. grant lotus is here to show us. >> yes, pam. it was a gas leak and pleasant hill. in pleasant hill. right along biking drive. you can see there are schools right along--viking drive. with diablo school, valley view school. and even to the homes had to be evacuated and several people. fortunately, no injuries the leak has been stopped. right now, who lt. from the pleasant hill police department. >> can you give us an update on what caused the leak? >> i do not know what caused the
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leak. i know the they were doing construction in the area. a pipe was ruptured. as a precautionary measure we requested a evacuation of the high school, college, and neighborhood. >> reporter: recently people were able to go back home were students impacted? >> caller: just as the school was living out. at the middle school and-school as letting out. they were diverted to a sarea. and using a if proper protocol from teachers. >> reporter: the gas leak has stopped. the residents are able to go back home. no injuries. >> correct. we are trying to get the word out that they're able
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to go back home. we used a community of warning system and to send out a message. notifying them to get back home. yes, no injuries. >> reporter: lieutenant from the police department into so much. and from pleasant hill. >>pam: other developing stories. an explosion inside a manhole in san francisco. that explosion knocked out power to 1000 customers and created a traffic mess. it happened here on our map along folsom st. between sixth street, seventh st. charles clifford live. what is going on? >> reporter: right now, a live street from 6/full sum. the fire is out. no injuries. six/full som--folsom st.. mal the lanes
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have been opened for pg&e on the scene. try to get things back to normal. are around 2:00 p.m., passerby's reported smoke coming from a man:near. and if folsom. so one near patrol hell lost power. 1100 of them.apetrayo hill, residents lost power. they still do not know what caused this fire. >> a variety of things underground in the city. water. su were. the electrical lines a multitude of things is too early to tell what happened here. >> reporter: the utility says most of the power has been restored. 280 are still in the
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dark. the utility also says that they are bringing in a generator to restore power. and the traffic signal at 6/fulsome. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >>pam: charging for debit card outrage. changes companies are making which is so many people upset. >> reporter: pamela, people are not happy about this one if you use a bank of america debit card is getting more expensive. some people could be paying $60 more each year just to switch their debit card. to swipe--bank of america plan on charging $50 per month. to customers with basic accounts. - $5 per month--if people have a
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premium account. a minimum average balance of $1500. all bank of america will help free atm use of bank of america atms. they are the biggest bank but they're not the largest ones. suntrust started payincharging . regions = $4. chase, wells fargo = $3. in certain markets but not decided on a long-term policy. this comes ahead of the policy which caps the fee banks can collect from businesses when customers use their debit cards. those fees generated $19 billion for banks and 2009. in the meantime, hundreds of people have taken to the streets in san francisco to protest. large banks are responsible for the financial crisis the country faces. dan kerman is live market
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street/second street. the and, what are they demanding? >> reporter: these banks take responsibility and pay up. you can see 100 protesters and their continuing in front of this chase bank. this is the third stop. this protest began at 3:00 p.m. 5:55 california the old corporate headquarters of bankamerica. then if. protesters say that nobody has taken responsibility. once they will rarely out here, they're going to go to charles schwab, and then moving to market street at second street. they have been a rallying ever since in front of this chase bank. they have a lot of concerns. >> i am upset. i am worried
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about what direction the country is going. my daughter and her kids are not want to have any chance of a decent life. >> i am here for myself, my mother, and everybody liked myself and my mother. people that are losing their homes. we are asking the banks to do with fairly. as of yet, they're not they're refusing to do that. >> this building is a symbol of a credible greed and wealth that has accumulated. with fewer and fewer hands of our country >> reporter: peaceful protests with shut down streets. if still at second street/market street in front of a market chase bank. chase--they are even do 4ing a sit in, at this point, no major interaction. they are-
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posing a sit-in. california's prison systems will impact every county in this state. recently, the u.s. supreme court mandated that changes be made here. problems with prison overcrowding. as teresa reports, governor brown applauded the change but also warned that it could create a problem. if >> reporter: as part of the realignment plan the next week judges will sentence non-violent offenders to county jail instead of state prison to serve time. also, mandating a role violators will go back to jail instead of prison. parole violators--also county prol rolefor-----
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paorle >> most dangerous offenders will serve their time in state facilities. and this funding. >> reporter: while some are cautiously optimistic about this big changes in california, some officials are not impressed. many are worried about funding. the latest figures show that incarceration costs $50,000 per year, per inmate. coming up on kron 4 news the local sheriff's will weigh in on what we could face and the bay area. >>pam: the other that jerry brown signed into law. muni
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cameras also alameda county tax increases to fund the tax fund. also harsher reprisals close for comfort of. and also let any a legal challenges of n f l stadium your also of state sex offenders will have to register, immediately upon gaining residents in california. >>jacqueline: we had an earthquake. 3.3 magnitude. south-east of oakland at 4:47. nine-miles around. we will keep you posted if there are any more aftershocks. the other big story is the cool down. take a look to these temperatures. 64 degrees in san francisco, 70 and oakland. 74 in san jose. yesterday, tense for in the 80s, the '90s of their significantly
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cooler-temperatures. cooler in san francisco, redwood city, oakland, 19 degrees cooler in a word. 25 degrees in santa rosa and only 24 hours ago. this fog was south last night and a surge up the coast. if overnight hours, those fog conditions will return and even more cloud coverage this weekend. next week, rain. we will time it out on futurecast, coming up. >>pam: in the bucket the seismograph of the 3.3. and now the look--with the 3.3 magnitude. a number a lar look
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>>pam: back to our developing story. a 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit a two-miles south-east of oakland. david oppenheimer is with the u.s. geological survey. thank you for joining us. can you provide additional details? fault lying. >> it is an interesting near the hayward fault line. 1.5 mi. west of the hayward fault lying and unusually deep. 9 mi. deep, 15 km deep. i did some investigation. much deeper than earthquakes we see at the hayward fault lying. >>pam: significance? >> it would be hard pressed to say if it is significant at this time. the more that we monitor, the more that we can get a better idea. the likelihood of
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the aftershock. for a significant additional earthquake is very small. within that area, there have been 30 earthquakes over the last three decades. they have triggered other aftershocks. >>pam: this is seems to be a regular with five over this past weekend. san leandro on sunday night scattered to the is this connected? >> i suspect not. typically, this is typical for the bay area. >>pam: people reached out to our website what about your website? >> we do not get statistics right away. all our utt website is hosted by in other countries to we would have to ask them. >>pam: you would prescrib descre thi moderate?
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>> >> i would say that anybody in the bay area living in the should worry about earthquakes. this is a reminder. our website has plenty of gray information. >> close to the hayward fault line that everybody is concerned about us that have special kern's for you? because you aren't expert. special-in your area. >> with in a 5 mi. radius over the three, four decades 30 small ones. the probability is very small that it is a big hayward 6 magnitude. i am not particularly concerned. however the hayward fault line is still dangerous so we still need to keep that in mind. >> the small ones to remember that there are big one hanging out there in our future thank
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you, david oppenheimer. giving us perdadditional information. with sijust near the hayward. check and has more additional information. >>jacqueline: more statistics. time = 4:4:07 p.m. magnitude = 3.3. at the u.s. geological survey said that it is unusually deep at 9.5 mi.. just off the hayward fault. so far, no other earthquakes associated with this. but will keep an eye on that. >> thank you, jacqueline and kimberly sakamoto has been monitoring. comments. >> yes. over 50. one half of the people say they felt it and several people in daly city, the east bay and along the
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peninsula. terry felt it their mission terrorist he thought it was a big trolly. mission- terrace district. >> we have been having a lot of earthquakes this was a 3.3 magnitude two-miles south-east of the oakland. go to our website. facebook fan page kron 4. leave your thoughts and experiences. >>pam: thank you. grant lotus is standing by. >> this just in pg&e is reporting a power outage in west oakland. it is causing some delays for bart. bart delays in west oakland. live, jim allison. he is a spokesperson. >> could afterno >> could you tell us about these the nature of these
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delays? >> the power is impacting the west oakland station. we have slowed down the train for safety's sake it is creating a 15-20 minute delay primarily for west-bound. most of these people are going from san francisco to the east bay. we are keeping those trains going. we have a generator. once that generator test there we should be able to clear up all police. >> reporter: i do not want you to speculate but this is this related to the 3.3 magnitude earthquake? >> it is entirely different. we had a similar experience last night. >> is this something from last night? >> it is a reoccurrence of a problem of from pg&e. supplying a power supply to all our trucks. >> reporter: 15-20 minutes
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delays on bart in west oakland. >>pam: and a number of developing stories. a quick break and come back with more news. stay with us.
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>> of bank of america has a new plan charging users $5 per month just for using their debit card. we have put up a kron 4 poll. many of our viewers are upset, angry. you can see 96 percent of the viewers voted that it is an outrage. how dare bank of america charge me to access my own money. just a few votes. they have to make its money somewhere. that was about 3%. and also some people even said not sure. and safe who cares. we would like to know what you think. visit the facebook fan
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page on kron 4.
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♪ >>pam: our developing story is a two-miles southeast of oaklandon just before 5:00 p.m. the 3.3 magnitude quake was 9 mi. deep. u.s. geological survey's told us live that it is unusually deep. 1 mi. west of the hayward fault line which is a major fault line in california. no damage. no injuries. many people have felt it and that they have been recording their experiences on our kron 4 fan page. jacqueline has also been gathering information. >>jacqueline: this is 2 mi.
5:31 pm
south of oakland. no.-east of alameda. 4:40 7:00 p.m. with a 3 magnitude, and 9 mi. deep. also, we're announcing any other earthquakes associated time =4 :47 pm. >>pam: we have been contacting getting contacted by several of our fans. we have received dozens of commons. >> even though it was near oakland, people along the peninsula felt it. they felt it in the short view neighborhood in san mateo. shoreview... also
5:32 pm
one person is wondering if this is earthquake weather. and jamie wrote " gas leaks, earthquakes " it is scary. ". >>pam: as we mentioned plenty of news taking our other reporters on the scene, reggie kumar. reggie? >> yes. but gas line was capped at 4:20. pg&e is still assessing the gas line. they have been here for most of the day. a third-party contractor hit that gas line at 2:30 p.m. breaking up concrete and hit the gas line. 75 homes for evacuate their biking. diablo valley
5:33 pm
cancelled glasses. 75-homes were--evacuate for safety. also, pg&e crews will be out here inspecting this gas line and restoring gas to diablo college and valley elementary. >>pam: the rest of a fatal shooting in the mission district of if chef it happened last month and the victim was mistaken for a rival gang member. as kron 4 explains, police are saying that this is the only suspect. the investigation is continuing to. >> a 15 year-old is a arrested just outside here, a shelf was l-paper felt like a cup wa 9a cy
5:34 pm
a 15 year old. >>pam: east palo alto the death of a secure old girl. a second grader was struck and killed in a crosswalk. bay avenue near green pokes academy school. a lucio white parker is identified police she of her nae che alicea white parker. a teacr near green academy schools. >> at this point, we gather all of the information, all of the
5:35 pm
statements, and come to a final package. in this case we will present this to the d.a. to review. prior to getting a final conclusion. >>pam: police are considering weather heavy traffic from an earlier fatality in that same area could have contributed to the accident. >>pam: a controversy after 2 a. of trees are cut down. at 14th pinole of regional park. point- regional park. many residents are furious that these trees were removed. >> over 100 trees were removed near the entrance to this regional shoreline state . >> i did not see it until early afternoon but i know that i could not believe all these trees were coming down. >> reporter: roo
5:36 pm
>> it is amazing to me that we approved this solar panel project. not knowing that trees would be cut down. >> contra costa county were working under the impression that trees would be removed caribe solar p for move wol fles an example of a communication breakdown >> reporter: reportethe border supervisors' meeting is next tuesday and this will be addressed the board of supervisors meeting will address
5:37 pm
this next tuesday. >> significantly cooler with the golden gate bridge. the satellite is giving you a better idea of the fog along the coast. surging, overnight. this afternoon. yesterday, we were in the '90s! it is 70's in concord, 70's and the san jose. these were in the upper 80s, low 90s, yesterday. the change over the past 24 hours very significant. 25 degrees cooler. 17 degrees cooler in san francisco. 19 degrees cooler in hayward. and 15 degrees cooler and some say. as we go towards tomorrow, dense fog expected and in the san jose-15 degrees cooler. saturday, still mostly cloudy it
5:38 pm
does not look like we are going to get clipped with any rain. a decrease with clouds fan dissipating on sunday. >> this surveillance showing the abduction of a teenager. this person falls and the street and the victim and a white t-shirt is starting to crouch down, turned away because the man in the red shirt is having a weapon pointed at them. the 18 it was shot and hit three more times. he is listed in critical condition expected to survive investigators are still searching for the gunman and his accomplices. this next video, some one week ago, serious injuries sustained with a shark attack. now, people has a new ad
5:39 pm
campaign. it is that " payback as hell ". also to promote sensitivity to fish. pithey hope that this painful expressioexperience puts the anf animals place. >> the so strong and family. >> i did not say anything and i said take a look at that photo. >> oh my gosh! >> said. >> said. young. >> pretty amazing it looks like there is a face. sad-sack--sad. >> said, oa central illinois tog off their newest arrival. a rare
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>>pam: 1 ot other mellon'
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>> delicate the markets today. >>pam: a look at the markets today. rob? on employment reports unemployment-- >> first-time unemployment claims is a indicator of the economy. the bureau of labor statistics came out today. these
5:45 pm
numbers have a seasonal impact. do not believe them. they have been above 415,000. it is nice, will take it. >>pam: we are approaching holiday shopping season. with companies hiring? >> best buy is going to only hire one half as many. it is still a struggle out there. we did see some positive first-time unemployment numbers. with a rally at the markets and a vote of confidence from germany. if they're going to continue progress. international, stocks are down 12%-60% internationally. 12%, domestic stocks. >> bank of america, the stock--e fees imposed by bank of america
5:46 pm
towards their customers using debit cards. >> it is very difficult for low- income. $60 per year. it is ridiculous but what is crazy. is that the government to try to get the banks to lower their fees. they passed those on to us. the consumers, instead of the merchants. it stinks. i'm going to go to wells fargo. wells fargo from there, perhaps even a credit union. >>pam: people are getting tired of this and demonstrations with wall street. and people are upset about the entire financial industry is this beginning of a ground swell? >> i cannot say that. >>pam: when you get upset with bank of america. and you have
5:47 pm
money. they go witthink of othe >> i am to of the wretched [laughter] >>pam: a 4.0% on-i a c'mon, felt the r felt th the standards of becoming more difficult but of the 4% people that are qualifying for a mortgage is creek for 10, 20, 30 years. 3.2% = 15 your mortgage. i like a long term a 30-year to keep the money on your side. but that is a great, stunning it is almost a rate of inflation. >>pam: one last winter. a microsoft. one last - victory-a-
5:48 pm
microsoft. >> off streaming content this is probably the best things that microsoft has done it is innovative. voice activated, connectivity. right from your living room. great things for consumers and the future. >>pam: thank you, rob black. ♪ >>jacqueline: sense the top of the hour, the location the south-east of oakland. since the top of the hour-- >>jacqueline: since the top of the hour, the 3.3 magnitude = 4: 44 and 4 4 fan7 p.m. the smaller with quakes are felt more often but this 3.3 was felt. we will keep you posted. so far, no
5:49 pm
aftershocks. correctly, temperatures are a lot cooler. 60s through with what city. 78 in concord. 74 in san francisco the warmest location in antioch and 80 degrees. and in the south bay, san jose is 74 degrees. also significantly cooler. towards tomorrow, the cooler weather will continue dense fog, drizzle. how the wind will be picking up near the delta up. temperatures, neighborhood by neighborhood for tomorrow 70's for the south bay. 73 in mountain view, 70's in cupertino, san of say, the inland valleys will be in the upper 70's, low 80s. pleasanton, livermore, 78 in concord. '60s and '70s for the bayshore. 60s in fremont and also '60s and '70s for the peninsula with the practice, low 60s for the coast.
5:50 pm
it thank you to the fog. up into the north bay, '60s and '70s in napa, sonoma, and fairfield. currently, the pattern showing storms well to the north. a bit of cloud coverage approaching the bay area. sea breeze wind kicking up. clipping the bay area with a series of systems. 2:00 a.m., wednesday morning the rainfall approaching. 8:00 a.m., weather cells over the north bay. continuing near 1:00 a.m p.m.. and also, the rainfall lightening up. a break as we go towards the evening. however, more rainfall expected on thursday. with your extended forecast. a series of rainfall systems pushing through next week. monday towards tuesday and then all day wednesday.
5:51 pm
>>pam: a live demonstration. a live picture. hundreds of people are watching, and demonstrating against banks. this started in san francisco financial district on california street. bank of america announced that it is instituting a monthly fee e for a debit card usage. $50.
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>>pam: on saturday, october 8th we will be airing a one of our special. again, saturday october 8th here, on kron 4 news. we will be back.
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♪ >>pam: at 6:00 p.m. a developing story. phreaking use. 3.3 magnitude two-miles east of oakland. this was 9.5 mi. a deep which is unusual according to officials we spoke to live, or earlier. on the air. hostile 1.5 mi. near the hayward--it was just 1.5 fifth no injuries. >> of david oppenheimer, thank you would then please help our audience understand. a 3.3
6:01 pm
magnitude will shrug it off but we should really pay attention. >> it is a reminder that it is a dangerous fault line right in our back yard. if in terms of this being the key on when the next one will occur? we have done some analysis last hour and generally there is a reoccurrence of th magnificent-t small ones, every in this area. there have been 30, and in 30 years. >>pam: it seems like there have been several earthquakes lately. is that the case?
6:02 pm
>> seismic rates go up, seismology rates go down. i do not know if any thing is going on right now the will warrant concern. >> what about the fact that it was a 9.5 mi. deep it is unusual. what does that indicate. >> that indicates that we do not have much of an understanding of prediction. this is the largest earthquake we have seen at this depth adjacent to the hayward fault. just 1.5 mi. south of dutch west we have not seen an earthquake this big, they're--southwest. >>pam: 1.5 south west of debt
6:03 pm
hayward fault lying. south- west and >> the red cross has a great website. >>pam: david oppenheimer, this could seem elementary but it is certainly something that we should be concerned about one get these earthquakes. thank you for speaking with us. jacqueline is also joining us with information. >>jacqueline: all regionally, this was up just the 2.3 magnitude of originally right before this. three close to this. it was also fairly deep. the u.s. geological service
6:04 pm
representative, david oppenheimer giving us these statistics earlier. it was a three minute prior before the main one. we will keep you posted. >>pam: a kimberly sakamoto >> correct, pam. many people felt it, with 50 comments so far. even it was a few miles from oakland even people along the peninsula. many comments that they felt it in daly city. the shore view neighborhood. and also in the mission and terrorist distric a lot of peope mission--terrace district. go to our facebook and page you will find details and
6:05 pm
postings of our viewers. >> another big story is a pleasant hill gas leak. this was right along viking drive between two different schools. valley view middle school. jeff bush is live on the scene. jeff? >> hello, grant. you can see the pg&e working crews. a construction crew hit a five-and some natural gas line that caused evacuation's. a
6:06 pm
construction crew hit a five- inch natural gas mininline. with both schools and that adjacent neighborhood or e-awaited. pg&e moved in. they are capping a working on the natural gas line pipe. the evacuation order was lifted at 4:30. >> some part delays. we're experiencing some pardelays on bart-- >>pam: we will look into that, grant. that was in the east bay the other story and there are
6:07 pm
several. a lingering problems on a manhole fire in san francisco's market near abroad. charles clifford is live near folsom street. market street. i can tell you that the power is still a both. also the traffic signal at 6 the/possum is still out. earlier, this is video 6/fall some. just a 4:02 p.m.. 6/4 somesixth/ folsom. carbon
6:08 pm
dioxide was pumped inside the man will. power was restored to nearly everybody with the exception of 280. for the remaining, generators will be brought in. >> it is designed to take the bulk of the load. we want to get back down here to get the lights back on for the folks. >> reporter: pg&e does not know why or how it started the manhole was intact when it they are right. that is the latest, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >>pam: off outrag >>pam: outrage with customers of
6:09 pm
bank of america. >> some people could be paying $60 more per year just to swipe third debit card. sterling early next year bank of america is going to charge a $5 monthly fee. it is not a transaction fee. it will not be charged if they use do not use that--. however, some account holders that have a $1500 minimum balance will not have met $5 fee. still, free access to atm of bank of america. suntrust started a $5 monthly fee. regions = $4. chase and wells
6:10 pm
fargo are testing $3 in certain markets. this comes ahead of a policy change that would cap the fees businesses can collect and customer issues. debit cards. those fees and generated $19 billion for banks and 2009. at this hour more than 100 protesters have taken to the streets in san francisco. you can see the protesters. the financial meltdown, dan kerman live san francisco. the sedan inside of a bank sit in-- >> reporter: now, the eastern part of the city. earlier, they staged this with 100 protesters
6:11 pm
over 100 people rallied outside the chase bank at second street /market street. some people staged a syt in >> we thought it was a bart protest. we a tree thought it was a bank robbery. we thought it was it could have been a bank robbery. >> this building right here is a symbol of the incredible greed and wealth that is accumulated too few words your hands and our country. >> protesters say the banks need to take responsibility and pay up. >> we are sick and tired of the banks taking our homes. they grafting america. >> we every lifestyle that is crumbling. ben fab benefits and pensions that are no longer
6:12 pm
there and the government is not responding to our needs. responder's >> reporter: protesters took to the streets. am i upset and upset about the direction our country is going. >> the wellfleet peopl if wealtt to pay their share? >> everybody needs to chip and for the common good. >> reporter: we can tell you the the five people the stage to thastaged that sit in >>jacqueline: these are the
6:13 pm
statistics for both of the earthquakes ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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starting next week non-while and
6:17 pm
offenders >>pam: california's prison system will have the biggest change in decades. it is all part of a realignment plan to deal with overcrowded state prisons. today, governor jerry brown all applauded the efforts of the upcoming challenges. >> off the realignment plan has been thought through. it is not a trouble-free. there will be bumps along the road. from everything i can see it is a viable plan. as we've worked together, it will insure public safety and fix a prison system that has been profoundly dysfunctional for decades. >>pam: funding for this realignment program is in place. stories of discussion reports that local officials could be
6:18 pm
realignment. san francisco sheriff says the they expect to see a large jump in their population. >> we expect 40 additional sentenced prisoners per month. >> in addition, there will be also be taking and parolees. >> parolees who have their paroles revoked the would normally go back to 60-94th state prison, they will go to county jail. if they just go to a state prison usually for the amount of 60 days-90 days. now, they're going to report to county jail. >> with additional funding from san francisco we should be all pay for it least 10-12 months. and governor jerry brown today said that he is going to try to guarantee funding for this. at this point it is only a proposal. i think that we're all going to be holding our breath
6:19 pm
to see if it is going to be ongoing. >>pam: san francisco officials are preparing to deal but san mateo county jails are already past capacity. there will be faced with difficult challenges as the entire program rolls out state-wide. teresa estacio, kron 4 news. ♪ >>jacqueline: temperatures significantly cooler 77 in mountain view, 90 in fairfield. overall, tans were down about 10-15 degrees. with 21 degrees cooler in san francisco. the 19 degrees cooler in napa. the inland valleys did not see quite as much of a cool down as other areas. even cooler temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. this weekend, more
6:20 pm
cloud coverage with continued cooling and big changes next week rainfall of/one. first, let us take a look a chance to read rainfall will be on/off for next week. tomorrow, inland valleys are looking at '60s and '70s. they look at the rain for next week. starting monday into tuesday we will see rain heavy through the north bay. . a dry. for most of tuesday. rainfall returning with heavy rainfall at that. look at that. moderate. for most of the bay area. that will continue on tuesday. your extended forecast looking at a " weekend sunday will probably be discussed with a sea breeze. looking at a cool weekend. aha
6:21 pm
rain /off = monday and tuesday.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room. power is back on into the west oakland a station for bart. still however, widespread delays with pg&e is reporting a car that smashed into a pole. impacting two dozen people. thed to be impacted by that car that smashed into a power pole. a quick break and be right back. after
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
welcome back. the latest t-cells in statistics of the recent to
6:28 pm
earthquakes. the first one was 4:44 more details coming up. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me
6:29 pm
how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield.
6:30 pm
>> our top story at 6:30. the two recent earthquakes. the first was barely noticeable. a 2.3 magnitude. 4:44 however, the second was felt by many more people. the u.s. geological survey says that this is a non usual death. over 9 mi.. >>pam: earlier, bespoke precise enologist, oppenheimer. we asked if the recent earthquakes or any concern? >> the likelihood is the same aftershock?-we spoke with a seismologist. oppenheimer--with
6:31 pm
in that area, probably 30 earthquakes over the last three decades. i am not particularly concerned i think the probability is low. having said that, we only to keep that in mind and prepare. >> will have more coming up at 8:00 p.m. the trial of michael jackson's doctor continued today with more emotional testimony. the personal physician is accused of giving him a leg letl dosage. >> the personal chef of former michael jackson, took the stand. marie came into the kitchen in a panic. >> his energy was very nervous and frantic and he was shouting. >> he told her to get help, and
6:32 pm
to get jackson's son but did not call 91. >> the director of logistics, got emotional one a recording to 911 was played. >> he's unconscious and he's not breathing. >> the prosecution is trying to show that marine did not know cpr. and he recounted 911. >> after a few breaths mr. jackson he said this is the first time i've done mouth to mouth but i have to because he is my friend. >> also whilst in a back and the movement by the back before calling 911. prosecutors say that he is trying to remove evidence. the cross-examination of defense established that
6:33 pm
alvarez did not tell police about the removal of items. >>pam: the developments legal analyst, michael cardoza. let us start about this not:911. it i disturbin. not:911.not calling . >> the trouble fall hiding. the chef got on the stand. probable hiding of pr o folof >> it is important for dr. murray. he did ask for somebody to get some help. >>pam: to hide the medication
6:34 pm
that that is feels like cover up. >> absolutely feels like cover up. i have said from the get go. i think that he is going to a ticket on the stand and explain that. he is a doctor. get up and explain a simple explanation like i was in a panic. that is michael jackson and he could be dead and i can try to get this together. i should not have done it but i did it. he has to explain it, earlier. >> the earlier disturbing voice message. slurring. that was from the result of the mora dem >> that is a side impact, of tomodemerol. sleeplessness. it was not dr. marie it was dr.
6:35 pm
klein. judge pastor has kept it information out of the jury. however defense attorneys are worried about that that dr. marie is going to get worried about that but it was dr. klein that prescribed dardemerol. >> the time line? >> yes, that the logistics and the personal chef were giving timeline for the prosecution. they're really doing a good job, a really good job but the defense is also getting their licks in. >>pam: michael, thank you. a very controversial trial. rumblings from reno, nevada with
6:36 pm
a possible gang bike with hell's angels san jose chapter. >> the san jose hell's angels chapter is quiet tonight. nobody came or commented on a recent member of the death of chuffed jethro. the 51 year-old president was shot and killed the reno, nevada casino last weekend. striking fears of possible retaliation and hostility between rival motorcycle clubs. motorcycle surveillance showing him getting shot as a rival san jose motorcycle gang. >> we have been monitoring, and
6:37 pm
and eight times that there's a ripple effect. any time like this happens. we are concerned that something could happen in the san jose as a result of that but no specific information. it is our job, as a police department to keep the public safe and informed. >> with hundreds of hell's angels are run the country expected to ride in san jose's next month. for the funeral. he will be laid to rest at a local cemetery >>pam: the blue angels fleet beat special coming up on kron 4. saturday, october 81 of our special at 3:00 p.m. tune in for the best. october 8th. saturday, october 8th. we will be right back
6:38 pm
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>> on today's attack headlines at the to ipod in addition to on billing the iphone 5 they could a discontinued dated version of the shuffle. the unveiling of the iphone 5 . now, the most popular titles in his and regain iglesias and enrique he says that it will get a kick out of it. and new reports of a twitter will propel
6:42 pm
the company into $400 million in revenue. compared to 45 and in dollars last year. they say that they will burearn 200 percent m >>pam: charlie coach and can the giants' spring bac bring.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
how >> could evening, and everybody it was say goodbye day. good evening, everybody. the giants finish respectable 10 games over 500. they only lost for a
6:46 pm
few more games than when they were world champs. are they going to be able to sign a free agent? >> it could take some time. the coach just talked to him a couple of times. how he has set a great experience. we will give them consideration. >> in addition to the injuries, but this is one of the 29 top ranking. after a great season. >> he knows that his struggles helped cause our struggles. >> the a's also packed up today clearing out their lockers. 14 games under 500. 22 games behind the rangers in the american
6:47 pm
league west. not much to smile about. general manager, thinking that how are they going to get a free agent. and he was talking about last night's height. the wild card, for baseball. it is a great sport in the clutch. it's the one good thing last night was the most exciting baseball state i have ever been a part of as a few were in the history. as a viewer--it is a proud achievement to be involved. in my opinion one of the greatest moments in baseball i've ever seen. >> the former manager is thinking about suing the producer of " money ball ". philip seymour hoffman per train him on the scene. >> we cannot start paying you first.
6:48 pm
>> i want to go 15 rounds, billy. >> then you cannot start first. >> i am going to start first. >> he placed with detroit. >> it is no secret he was made to look like a buffoon but there writers and producers say that this was not 100 percent fact. to mix up some theatrical licensing. and he just was very, very unhappy. they could not have to mean to me more. on a happier note i am glad that you and jekyll and are safe. jacqueline? are you safe? >> they're talking to a five-
6:49 pm
fifth grade teacher----the writers have sold out the back to back games the raiders.. are the back? the crowd is going to be rocking. richard seymour, defense telamon that they have to stop tom brady. seymour is old maids. and we even have dramatic music. seymour and old mates- >> we want to follow up nexfrom last week. that is our ultimate goal against new england. i just want to get the raiders rocking
6:50 pm
again. >> even you are going to be excited? >> yes. >> the 49ers abandoned youngstown. >> i thought something could have happened. it is good. >> the 49ers have been the scene in youngstown, jesuhalf michael sthe 49ers want us to tell you that watching 77 is courtesy of 49ers. speaking of the 49ers? we've teamed up for the high- school football coach of the week. charlie from homestead high school is the winner of $1,000. and the opportunity to appear on kron. charlie, where
6:51 pm
were you? >> driving and it was a dicey. we are going to talk to the sports coach oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> bostick, from homestead, 16. his senior running back. a rushing of 150 yds. that is pretty good. charlie with his hat. and 3-0 going into the league opener. defending champ tomorrow night. we welcome charlie. >> thank you. >> thank you for dressing up.
6:55 pm
ahead law >> at least he took a shower. >> thank goodness you are also safe. why are you off to such a good start? >> we have a great team with returning seniors. we made the finals last year but lost. also i have a fabulous coaching staff. >> leonard. , on up. >> what is nice about this is that you are a self a native yoe able to stay in the south bay because you are a sel a native. celt you are a self ssouth bay
6:56 pm
native. >> he is a good person but sometimes taken the a little bit rough tough. >> are you vocal? >> some times. >> when you get to college it is pretty close to perot. you can help develop these kids and you are welcoming them close to- professional. >> it is a great school to work with. >> congratulations. it will go to a great cause. >> palo alto and homestead a big deal friday night. >> great correct fa
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
hollywood's super couple, ashton and demi, the new clues to the reported marriage crisis tonight. >> rumors of infidelity, cryptic tweets. and where the couple is right now. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on.
6:59 pm
>> ashton and demi on the rocks. could it be happening? >> demi was in new york. meanwhile, ashton was out with ryan seacrest. >> on different coasts today. >> their wedding anniversary apart, as ashton partied. inside his wife's drastic slimdown. >> my interview with demi just days ago. why an ashton question was off-limits. jackson death trial, drug bombshells today. as his former doctor speaks out his propofol warning to the king of pop. >> i told him that he really shouldn't be using it. plus -- >> mom, katherine. >> sister janet. the backstory on the family members that want justice. >> take care of my child. is there an "x factor" catfight between paula and nicole? >> thank god for you, nicole. >> thank god for you. the return of kelly clarkson. body image and her message


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